Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation

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What to expect/ what to bring?

During our relaxing sound bath meditations, you will lay comfortably on the floor or yoga mat, snuggled up with a blanket if you so choose. After a simple, yet intentionally guided meditation, sound waves then wash over, and bathe your entire being. Bringing you deeper within yourself to the desired state for healing and relaxation.

Please bring your own yoga mat as few mats will be provided. Blankets and bolsters will be provided if needed for optimal comfort, however numbers are limited. Feel free to bring your own. Water is great to bring not only for hydration and grounding but also to absorb and charge with the healing vibrations. Feel free to bring a sleep mask or eye covering of choice to further aid in the deepening of your meditation.

Love donations are gratefully accepted but not required at this time.

An open heart and open mind are lovingly required for the sole purpose of bringing your amazing soul closer to its fullest potential here on earth.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing has been practiced since ancient times. The concept is based on the idea that every part of the universe, including our bodies, vibrates in a certain way. When your body's vibration is out of balance, diseases and other ailments can result. Sound healing, then, works by sending sound waves throughout your body bringing harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps to restore your body’s balance to aid in healing.

What are Crystal Bowls?

These beautifully crafted singing bowls are made from ethically sourced, crushed-quartz crystal. The crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifying and transmitting pure tones. As the sound affects brainwave activity, one can enter into an altered state of consciousness. Each of the 7 bowls are attuned to the vibrational sound of each chakra (major nerve centers). Sound bath meditations are said help rebalance your body to optimal health, and transmit energy to your aura and directly affect your brain wave activity.

Benefits of sound healing with crystal singing bowls?

-Promotes relaxation

-Helps improve sleep

-Aids in restoring optimal health of body on a physical, spiritual and mental level.