From our wonderful clients:

"This has been my second massage with Virginia, and was absolutley amazing! Highly recommend." AA

"I had the most amazing detox and massage ever!" CN

"Mary is an amazing massage therapist, but it goes way beyond that. Her knowledge of the body and interactions is always enlightening. I love her natural, holistic approach to dealing with life issues. You could never go wrong spending your time with her. You will come out better, more focused and balanced. Mary is a joy to be around." SH

"I had an absolutely amazing experience here at Touch The Sky. It was a very calm and relaxing environment. I did breathwork for the first time with Raquel. She was absolutely amazing. My experience was beyond what I ever expected. Her kind words and calming voice helped me so much. I walked out feeling 100% better. I will absolutely be returning for another session. Thank you so much Raquel." SV

"Sound bowl meditation is absolutely a delight for me when I go on Sundays. Thought the months I also get a massage from Virginia and it’s fantastic! It’s such an amazing experience overall, no matter what service that’s provided." GB

"My time spent at Touch The Sky is always very appreciated and effective. Mary knows how to manipulate my body to prevent the aches and pains that I would experience otherwise. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to keep older bodies working. You are all very much appreciated and we thank you so very much for being there for us." LK

"Mary is amazing and always in-tuned to my body and needs. From the time I walk through the door I am completely relaxed. Mary has a magic touch and when she finishes my massage I fill like a completely different person. Thank you Mary for your strong hands and healing technique." LM

"I had a GREAT massage from Virginia (I like that name because it was my mother's name). My near-term goal is to receive one massage per week. I will get a massage from Virginia again next week. Thanks!" ZM

"A little piece of heaven to visit Virginia with tight muscles and to leave relaxed as a rubber band knowing your body was “heard”. MP

"Mary always knows what needs to be done!" CC

"Virginia never disappoints! The massage is always excellent and fantastic service. I'm so happy and relaxed after every massage." GA

"Another wonderful massage as always with Mary. My sinuses and chest really cleared out." DG

"The BioMagnetic Therapy I had with Mary was a surprising experience. I came away with a profound sense of calm so intense that I wondered what the feeling was. It included an expanding into a larger, taller self and a connection to pieces of myself that I have not experienced since I was a child. I will be back to experience the mystery of Mary's work. " GS

"I just received the most wonderful massage from Virginia Morales! Her massage is given with loving strong hands. She adds so many extras into each massage like hot towels on the back, feet and neck, the back and foot scrub that leaves the tissues soft and supple along with high quality essential oils. My body is still relaxing hours afterwards from all the Loving Touch that intuitively guided her hands. I am so happy she is my partner in this business because I know each of her massages is given with such quality and attention to detail. She is a hard worker and adds to the success of our business with her integrity and desire to help each client on her table. I recommend her highly for anyone who desires a top notch massage!" - Mary O'Donnell

"It truly is an experience that is a spiritual journey that one feels along with being nurtured in a most loving and gentle way which is very uniquely Mary's intuitive gift that she shares with her clients. It has been a privilege to have known Mary for many years. She is an extraordinary woman blessed with wisdom and knowledge." CS

"Fantastic as always!" - DG

"Always top notch massage! Mary never fails to know how to fix my body." CC

"Long time customer, Mary is a true healer among us, we are very blessed to have her in our community. The stress that lodges in my neck & shoulder blades is greatly relieved. Thank you so much Mary!" JP

"My massage experience with Virginia was absolutely wonderful!! Honest to God she helped me to get rid of that lower back pain that was so sensitive to the touch. I will definitely be back in two weeks for more of that TLC from her healing hands." - AC

"Just did the foot detox & 90 min. massage w/ Virginia. She is super professional & knowledgeable. She seemed to get stronger as she went during the massage! Virginia & Mary have both really helped with the neck & shoulder tension that I suffer from. I appreciate them so much!" - JP

"I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Mary. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. She helped alleviate the stress and tension I was experiencing. Very grateful for Mary’s expertise!" SH

"If you love yourself, treat yourself to Touch the Sky’s amazing healing services as they have so much to offer! I have been receiving massages since the 1980’s, a pleasure I can’t imagine not experiencing! However, not all massages are the same. Mary is the finest masseuse, healer and kind soul there is. You can feel it in her touch, those amazing hands! She has spoiled me! Her positivity is infectious and I am revived and renewed after everyone of her massages. Mary is highly skilled, knowledgeable, responsive, intuitive and she continues to learn new techniques and educate herself. Mary and Virginia’s studio is a warm and lovely studio and certainly adds to the comfort you receive." - ML

"I deal with a lot of daily stress, and with just few visits I have had really have made a big difference. Aside from the amazing service provided, the level of professionalism is top notch. You can see both massage therapists have a very dedicated passion for what they do and carry that level to the client making them feel very at ease and renewed after each visit. I look forward to many more sessions, and I would highly recommend to anyone needing massage services to visit and see all they have to offer." SM

"My massage with Mary was perfect. I loved the atmosphere in the beautifully decorated space, from the tinkling sound of the waterfall in the entry room, to the soothing colors of the massage rooms, and my favorite - the faux fireplace in the sitting space after the massage. I didn't want to leave. Mary's massage was a wonderful combination of deep work, relaxing massage that made me feel better than I have since her last massage. I look forward to another massage with Mary and to her new expertise in the power of magnets to heal." GS

"Exactly what I needed! This is my new place to go for relief, relaxation, and healing!" - SH

"Best place to detox in Globe!" - CW

"It was Awesome! Thank you Virginia for helping me feel so much better! For Virginia and Mary for the Gross, Lol but Awesome detox for our family! It was truly Amazing! We will definitely be back! Thank you both for the Great experience and healing naturally!" - LM

"This place is amazing! The calm atmosphere is so relaxing! Our first detox session was incredibly awesome with Virginia and Mary. Thank you both so much for a healthy and healing experience!" - AM

"What a High Vibrational feeling i receive as i enjoy every aspect of my visit. i am made aware of different types of therapies available for helping heal the body from the knowledge Mary shares with me. This gives me the opportunity to experience these different techniques to receive the benefits that I was not familiar with before my visit. It is as if I am a child again with excitement running to the next ride at the amusement park with all that is introduced to me. The work I do causes tremendous stress on my neck and shoulders. In the past, I have visited a naprapath, a chiropractor, and I stretch repetitively to help correct the issue. The connection between me and Mary during the massage i receive are beyond words for my experience. The Love and Energy she releases through her hands removes all tension and tightness. My purpose and experience are fulfilled with rest, relaxation and the Body and Mind feeling balanced and complete! Thank you Mary, for your Love and Energy this day!" JA - Chicago

"Sure I know that massage is good for feels amazing, how could it not be? What I didn't anticipate on my short visit to Globe is that I would leave feeling lighter and mentally driven. It started with working on some sensitive muscle groups, she introduced me to CUPPING which I highly recommend. It doesn't hurt at all and no bruising, instead it feels like a seamless rolling of the skin and muscle. Through this technique, she was able to point out "blocked' areas that needed work. After she would work on the area, it would immediately have resolved movement.

I also did the FOOT DETOX that day. It is amazing (and a bit gross) to visually see toxins that have left your body adhere to the ions in the water. They stink too! LOL I felt so good after having being spoiled with massage and detox but it truly wasn't until the following days that I started recognizing something was different. I had more energy, I didn't feel as stiff and inflammed as I had. My mental clarity improved and the only thing I can attribut the change to was the investment in restoring my body. Thank you Virginia for spreading your healing energy into mine and sending me away better than I showed up! You truly are gifted at what you do! To anyone taking the time to read this.... you owe it to yourself! - SM

"As soon as I walked in, I was amazed. Every room has a Wow effect. The waterfall, the fireplace, the dimmed lights, even the smell. Its has such a calming aura, its so beautiful and so peaceful. When I laid in Virginia's bed it was even better. It was warmed with a heating pad and the silk sheets made you never want to get up. She asked me about my needs and which areas I wanted her to focus on, the pressure I like, and she made sure I was comfortable. It was a great experience and an even better massage. I felt 10x better after I left. If your looking for a relaxing, beautiful expierence then Virginia and Utopia will be your go to. I loved it."

"As a professional body builder, I need a masseuse with knowledge and strength to relieve my overworked muscles. I drive up to Globe because I have never had any massage that came even close to what I get at Touch the Sky! Very impressive indeed."

"My wife and I have traveled the world over getting massages along the way for over 10 years now. Ever since our first massage with Mary over 6 years ago, we knew we had found a world-class therapist. Every six months, we make it a point to return through Globe, just to experience her healing hands at work. What a treasure!" DB - Wisconsin

"I can't believe that I'm not 2 inches taller after getting massaged and stretched on that amazing table! Professional and pleasurable." JB

 "It was privilege and honor to have you give us both one of the best and heartfelt massages that we have ever had. I am sure glad that we spotted your place as we drove by... Great to have a massage therapist of your caliber so close when we are in Arizona. Hugs & Blessings, BR & CR, California

"Mary is truly an intuitive bodyworker-- backed by her knowledge and love of anatomy & physiology, her spiritual quest for expansion & opening, and sincere desire to facilitate others' transition to wholeness. I have been deeply touched by Mary's work emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My whole being feels like I've been embraced after I receive work from her. I feel like my tissues and muscular tension transforms and releases, my mind and soul sigh and breath with more ease and lightness. Sweet contentedness is the experience I have upon leaving her office. I thank you, Mary, for all you've done for me! With Gratitude and Love," J

"I've never found someone so knowledgable and able to find things in the body. We have a great rapport and Mary's really helped me alleviate my back pain. She showed me some stretches that I do on my own and really seem to take care of the problems." CN

"The last time I had a massage, I felt your touch to be that of a mother handling her infant with all the focus of the universe as well as preparing a beloved son for burial. In a person's journey from the cradle to the grave, I believe there literally a relatively small number of times we are touched with such intent. God forbid, some never! Especially at this point in my life, your touch is an amazing gift. Thank you." DT